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Posted by Andrea Perun on Monday, June 16 2014

What’s your initial response when you drive past a strip club?  What emotions do you feel when the topic of porn is brought up in conversation?  

Perhaps this is what burdens your heart.  You’ve heard of Strip Church and heard the stories, but it hasn’t really crossed your mind as something God could be calling you to start.  Maybe you think you won’t have enough resources, or enough experience to take this on.  You wouldn’t know where to begin or what to do.  Maybe you’ve been in the industry and you’re not sure what people would think if you went back like this.  Or maybe you’ve never even been in a strip club!  God couldn’t possibly be calling you to something this impossible.  Yet, isn’t that just like something God would do?  Call the ill-equipped?  Call first the ones who are always called last?   

If you ask most of the women who currently serve in this type of ministry they will tell you this is never where they thought they would end up!  Being involved in something like this can be intimidating and that’s exactly why Strip Church exists. Twice a year we host trainings to teach you how to get started and how to love the women in your local sex industry.  Afterwards we continue to support and serve you as you go out into your city with the simple but life changing message that Jesus loves Strippers.  We will help connect you with resources along the way, be a source of encouragement and fellowship, and you will have access to numerous women who have similar ministries that are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience with you.  

We know the fear and doubt you might have right now is real.  But so is the need.  There are girls right now in your city who have never been told they are loved, they are valued, and that they are thought of.  Could God be calling you to bring this message to these women?  If it’s slightly possible that answer is yes join us for our next training in Chicago July 11th and 12th.  This is a two day intensive training where we will not only cover the basics of how to get into a club and what to expect, but you will also have the opportunity to hear from Anny Donewald.  She will share her brutally beautiful story of being brought from the life of a stripper and escort to saved, redeemed, and on fire for Jesus.  If you register soon you could also have the chance for firsthand experience by joining Anny’s team, Eve’s Angels, on an outreach Saturday evening.  Space is limited so register soon.  To find out more details on the training check out our website here.  

Once you have completed your training we won’t send you home on your own.  You will be part of a network of women who have started with the same fear and apprehension that you may have.  The Strip Church Network provides you with a unique opportunity to receive continuous training, support and resources.  Every month we have network calls that are led by experienced members on subjects such as fundraising, media exposure, to outreach ideas.  You will also have access to a member-only blog that contains a wealth of beneficial articles for your ministry, and you!  Not to mention the relationships you will build with other women in the network via the private group page where tips, encouragement, and fellowship are shared.  Network members will also be synced up to an existing member who will provide one on one mentoring to help get you started and personally walk you through getting the ministry set up.  

We know what it’s like to be sitting where you are today.  Uncertain and possibly overwhelmed.  We know that, because we’ve been there too.  And now, we want to be there for you so you can be there for these girls.  

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